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Johnson Controls Services & Repairs in Dayton & Columbus, OH

Keeping operating costs as low as possible is important for the profitability and success of any business, and one of the many ways to trim costs is through the use of intelligent HVAC controls and building automation systems. As a leader in the HVAC control industry, Johnson Controls provides cutting-edge products that can help to not only save energy but save labor as well.

At Monroe Mechanical, we work closely with Johnson Controls to provide our commercial and industrial clients with innovative, reliable HVAC control and automation solutions. We offer complete sales, service, and installation for our Johnson Controls systems, and we serve businesses throughout Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and the surrounding communities.

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Johnson Controls Installations in Cincinnati

Maintaining proper airflow, temperature, and humidity in a large commercial space can be a difficult job even with the best HVAC equipment. With an HVAC control solution from Johnson Controls, the entire process is streamlined and simplified. From one central location, all your HVAC equipment can be monitored and controlled using an advanced network of sensors, actuators, controls, and more.

At Monroe Mechanical, we offer complete Johnson Controls installations for new construction HVAC projects, as well as retrofits. Our experts can design and build a system that is tailored to the needs of your facility, or we can work from your existing plans. Our Johnson Controls systems offer unprecedented performance and are a great match for any industrial or commercial facility.

Johnson Controls Replacements in Dayton

Industrial and commercial environments can be harsh on HVAC equipment and controls. If you have an older control or automation system that is beginning to fail, consider replacing it with a new, state-of-the-art Johnson Controls solution.

With more than 60 years of commercial HVAC experience, our team at Monroe Mechanical can provide efficient, cost-effective replacement services that keep downtime at your business to a minimum. We offer Johnson Controls replacements throughout Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati, and they are an ideal way to improve comfort, boost efficiency, and reduce costs.

Routine Maintenance for Johnson Controls in Columbus

Routine inspections, testing, and calibration of the Johnson Controls system at your facility help to keep your HVAC equipment running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. At Monroe Mechanical, our expert technician can provide complete maintenance services for your Johnson Controls system, heating equipment, cooling equipment, refrigeration systems, and more. Our maintenance programs are custom designed for your equipment and can help to:

  • Improve comfort
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Limit service calls and downtime
  • Keep repair costs to a minimum
  • Extend equipment life

To learn more about our custom maintenance plans, contact our team today.

Johnson Controls Repair Services in Cincinnati

When you have a problem with your Johnson Controls or HVAC equipment, look no further than Monroe Mechanical. We can handle the repairs for all your heating, air conditioning, and control systems, and our company provides fast service throughout the Cincinnati area.

We offer accurate diagnostics that narrow down the problem quickly, and with our fully stocked service vehicles and skilled technicians, we can provide effective, reliable repairs in a minimal amount of time.

Schedule Service for Johnson Controls in Dayton & Columbus

When it comes to the care and maintenance of your Johnson Controls equipment, trust our proven experts at Monroe Mechanical.

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