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Commercial HVAC Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping heating, cooling, and ventilation systems operating properly is crucial to businesses throughout Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton, Ohio. At Monroe Mechanical, we strive to offer our clients with the information they need to make educated decisions about their HVAC equipment. Below are answers to some of the most common commercial HVAC questions that we receive.

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How Long Can Commercial HVAC Equipment Last?

Most heating and cooling equipment like rooftop HVAC systems, split systems, heat pumps, and air handlers will last 15 to 20 years with regular maintenance. Boilers can often last 20 to 30 years, or longer, with the proper maintenance and upgrades. Replacing HVAC equipment early, or as it starts to show signs of problems, may be beneficial when downtime, reliability, and energy consumption are a vital concern. New equipment will often be significantly more reliable and energy-efficient. At Monroe Mechanical, we can help you determine the best time to upgrade, based on the long-term energy savings, the pay-back period, and the condition of your current equipment.

How Can Your Services Help to Manage Energy Costs?

As commercial HVAC equipment operates, friction, heat, and general wear will cause it to gradually lose efficiency and performance. With our preventative maintenance services from Monroe Mechanical, we can service and repair your equipment as required to keep it running at its peak. Not only will this reduce energy costs, but it will maximize equipment life, improve comfort, and keep downtime to a minimum. We can also replace older, inefficient equipment when it is cost-effective to do so, further reducing energy costs.

Will an Oversized HVAC System Improve Comfort?

For your commercial HVAC equipment to operate efficiently and properly, its output must be scaled correctly for your building. If the system is too large, it will cycle on and off too frequently, causing wear to motors, compressors, fans, and bearings. Efficiency may suffer as well, and the cooling system will not be able to dehumidify effectively. Likewise, if the system is too small, it will be constantly running to compensate, leading to premature failure, increased energy usage, and more frequent breakdowns. A quality installer will take the time to correctly calculate heating and cooling loads, ensuring the HVAC system is sized properly for your building, its layout, and its features.

When Should Ductwork Be Inspected?

As long as your ductwork was designed and installed properly, it should only need an inspection every couple of years, or annually in harsh or dusty environments. If you have reason to suspect a duct problem, such as high energy costs, recent HVAC changes, poor air quality, excessive dust, or obvious leaks, it is a good idea to have it inspected and repaired, if necessary. At Monroe Mechanical we offer ductwork fabrication installation, and repair.

Which Thermostats Are Best for Commercial Facilities?

At Monroe Mechanical, we recommend programmable thermostats for the highest energy savings and the greatest control over your HVAC equipment. Our experts can recommend the best thermostats and HVAC controls for your facility based on its size, equipment, number of zones, and more.

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