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Comfort Coils in Cincinnati, Dayton & Columbus, Ohio

The comfort coil, also called an evaporator coil, is an essential component of cooling systems. The refrigerant flowing through the coil absorbs the heat from the air being blown over it. As it flows back to the condenser, it enters the condensing coil. Fans blow outdoor air over the condensing coil, which helps remove the heat from the refrigerant. Next, the refrigerant flows back into the compressor where it’s repressured and heads back to the evaporator coil to continue absorbing heat.

This crucial part of a cooling system influences how comfortable your building stays and how much energy the air conditioner uses. Monroe Mechanical is the local expert in installing, repairing, and replacing evaporator coils in commercial HVAC systems.

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Comfort Coil Installation in Cincinnati

The comfort coil is not a one-size-fits-all component of cooling systems. It must be compatible with the condensing coil in both capacity and refrigerant type. Mismatching the coils will reduce the system’s ability to work efficiently and effectively.

Handling refrigerant is part of working on evaporator coils and the U.S. EPA requires anyone who installs or removes any refrigerant to have a license to do so. Even though today’s refrigerants are less harmful to the environment and less hazardous to people, these EPA restrictions still stand.

One of the last steps in the installation process is to install the refrigerant and verify that it’s the same amount the manufacturer specifies. Too little refrigerant will eventually cause the system to freeze over and cause untold damage to the other components.

Columbus & Cincinnati Comfort Coil Replacement Services

Replacement starts with determining the comfort coil that will be compatible with your particular system in terms of refrigerant capacity and type. The licensed technicians will first remove the existing refrigerant from your system, containing it in recovery tanks that will hold it until they recharge the system.

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Comfort Coil Repair in Dayton & Beyond

Although it’s not common, it is possible for the comfort coil to develop leaks that slow or stop the cooling process entirely. The refrigerant in cooling systems is under pressure and until the leak is sealed, it will continue to leak.

It’s not always possible to repair a badly leaking coil, but our technicians will carefully assess the condition of it and whether it’s repairable or needs replacement. We also take your downtime into account and do what we can to minimize any delays.

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The licensed HVAC professionals at Monroe Mechanical will help you with any comfort coil issues you have. We provide commercial HVAC services for Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus, OH.

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